Sep 4, 2008

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Hyper-Blogging: Loud Message + Deaf Ears = No Communication

I’ve previously let the air out on twitter about how much I dislike hyper-blogging. Hyper-blogging is forced blogging. When you blog often with little new to say. When you keep bombarding with messages, until no one can hear them anymore.

Hyper-blogging is rampant. One of my favorite marketing minds, whom I look to for wisdom, puts up new posts, sometimes twice daily. Why? He doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of new ideas. Rather, it’s the same basic principles tweaked in new ways. I can get excited about this for a few weeks, but it quickly fades. The over-stimulation of even having to clear my RSS reader every day is annoying.

I think there’s a point at which you need to stop the bombardment of messages. If you’re blogging daily, or for those of you who are blogging multiple times daily, you need to know something:

You don’t have as much to say as you think you do. You’re message is like a fine cocktail. Putting it out there too often is like diluting it with water: It’s losing it’s flavor…and effectiveness.

This graph below is just for me, by me, based on my own personal tastes of the bloggers I love to read. No matter how much I love your content, I’m not going to devote all my time to it. I’ve got other things going on in life. I think you need to find your sweet spot.

Share your message less often, and strive for higher impact.

  1. i totally agree with you, jeremy. those are the blogs i love the most.

  2. You got it right!! This is up at the nonprofit consultants’ carnival here.

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