Jan 3, 2008

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5 (Six) Dangerous things you should let your kids do:

Gever Tulley’s TED TALK:



  1. Play with Fire
  2. Own a Pocket Knife
  3. Throw a Spear
  4. Deconstruct Appliances
  5. Break the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  6. Drive a Car
What ever happened to the fine art of tinkering?

This talk reminded me that tinkering is how I learned how things work. There wasn’t a toy or stereo or watch or alarm clock that made it to the garbage without me or my brother first taking it apart. 

Look around you. What’s broken?

Do you know how to fix it? Or do you need to deconstruct it first?

This speaks to me on so many different levels. I love TED Talks.

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